Thompson Caribou Concentrates

1st Place mid island cup , 3rd Karma cup 2015 , 3rd Canadian Concentrates open

We are expert concentrate artists located in Thompson Caribou Region of British Columbia.

We provide medical grade concentrates to patients across Canada. Most compassionate prices guaranteed.

With the huge help from our local growers, only the highest grade “AAAA” Cannabis flowers are ran through our Extractors. We only used high-end closed loop extrators and degassing ovens to extract and purge our products. The result to this process allows us to obtain the highest grade dewaxed shatters and fully purged waxes available to patients Canada-wide.


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  • how do i become a member i am presrcibed 5 grams a day and with tilray but they have no concentrates

  • listen fam,from TDOT with love; whatever you guys doing just don’t stop doing it. I’m gonna come to BC one day just to see the masters behind helping me so much with my issues and just want to say i really appreciate it. I have sent you my MMPR information and can’t wait to hear from you guys to place an order. Your medication is the best extracted material i have tried to date, the cleanliness and purity of the extracts is impeccable. just know your people help people like me everyday, i hope to see your company grow in wealth and your employees to grow with good health.

  • Hi there. I’d like to sign up for an account, please! I have a prescription for 3 grams a day. I’ve enjoyed your concentrates very much from Cannawide in Toronto.

  • How do I apply? 3g a day prescription, use broken coast, no concentrates, flowers only. I may order through you as well with my mmpr paper work? How is my monthly allowable amount tracked if I order from you and them?

  • Hi I am looking to make an order I emailed you my details and have not received a reply please get back to me. I sent a copy of my prescription along with inquiry.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hey pleased I recieved my order today you guys are great. I tried the strawberry cough shatter so tasty and awesome stuff too bad its no longer offered as new strains are offered Im sure theyll be just as good if not better. I havent gotten around to trying the lean but I will review when I get a chance. Cant wait to order again great products thanks guys.

  • Good day, I am currently registered with Tilray as my LP, now I would like to order your products without giving my info due to doctor patient confidentiality. Are you guys a government sanctioned Licensed Producer, cause from what I know you do not need to give your info pertaining to my script, so as to protect myself from having my script revoked. I am simply wanting to order what products you have as my LP does not.
    I own a Cannabis Culture shop in Ontario and we are patient navigators for Licensed Producers and offer the public a doctor that they can Skype with here at the shop through North London’s Physicians clinic. I have been told to not share my info with any dispensaries.
    I would like to continue with my order as planned but would love some clarity on the process and what is needed to buy.

    Thanks for your time,

  • Hi I’ve been a 5+ patient using budmail exclusively I like that I dont have to provide any real information obviously I am concerned about privacy. I was wondering if there was any other way to go about ordering? I don’t mind providing some form of ID I would like to keep my medical records confidential though.

    Appreciate your time really hoping I get to try your products few of my friends are saying they’re incredible.


  • im sorry but we require all the same info from every patients who orders from us , if you would like to order you have to upload mmar/mmpr doc’s and photo ID

  • Hello, I’m looking to meet an MMAR grower to supply my emerging medical dispensary in Ontario. Are you able to assist me with a contact? Thank you in advance.

  • Hey guys just getting everything finalized now I have a question I have sent a picture of both my Id and card will that be enough? I’m not gonna e transfer money unless I’m sure I’m getting my medicine.

  • all you have to do is upload your ID and card at the checkout screen , after that the system will email you tracking when the orders been paid for and shipped thanks so much any other questions email [email protected]

  • Hey I Only received half of what I ordered. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • I’m a patient with Tilray, The Green Rhino, and Beard Bros. All I have for info is all the forums my doctor filled out which were submitted to Tilray. Is this good? I can send anything i have just let me know.

  • If I order an ounce of the shader but want it packaged in 1 dram bags of different flavours can I still get it for the 800 an oz price

  • Love your syrup, but it must be made with a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid? It helps daytime but minimal nighttime for me. I didn’t notice any indication on the label… Do you have an indica based syrup or leggos?

  • Hi there I was wondering what it take to get an account with you guys, I met you guys at a dispensary in Vancouver awhile back and would like to hook back up with you for concentrates. How long does the mail out usually take to be sent out? Thanks!

  • Any chance you guys can use an alternative mailing service? Canada Post is terrible and I had enough with their crap service. Thanks

  • Hi team shatterboo. I ordered last Friday some meds from you last Friday on order number 2207. Email transfer was put through and order was being processed. Payment was taken satetday Still havnt got a tracking number. Please let me know what the status is . Usually I get a confirmation though email

  • Hey TCC, its Drew C, I sent an email attempting contact Management but it might have been marked as spam like my previous email.
    Could someone please forward my contact request.
    Thanks in advance

  • I am going to NHS in Calgary but they only fax your prescription to the LP, so would a copy of an LP member card be ok to prove you are a patient ?? Thanks a bunch!

  • Hey there TCC! Just wondering if you have to upload your ID and confirmation of diagnosis every time I place an order? Or is the first time enough? Cheers!

  • Hey, I am trying to contact you guys by e-mail to ask a few questions on my order. My e transfer was accepted but still no payment conformation for you guys, if you guys could contact me at the phone number linked to my account it would be awesome. Thanks!

  • Forget message 58 lol. I just received my tracking number and I can’t wait to see whats in store for me next week. Thrilled to say the least, thanks a million guys! By the sounds of it, this is a first of many to come from me!

  • Hi there,

    Wondering if customers are still offered the bulk discount prices, like for a 1/8 or oz, even if they want to mix-and-match strains/flavours? I know that would be difficult to do via the website because there are limited options, but could we clarify/ask for this by emailing the staff?

  • Hello I met you in Toronto a few days ago. I am the guy with the broken legs from a motorbike accident. Ive been trying to get a hold of you wit no response. I tried to place an order and have a few questions before I send my info. Please contact me asap thank you and have a great day

  • eh brother if your tryin to email , you will get a reply today for sure , i remember you and i hope your well

  • bradley graffiks lemoine

    well well well TCC is by far the best product ive had in 20 years of smoking. and there staff are just incredible !!!!!! we need to see some work from you guys in EDMONTON, help us get this provinces head out its ass !!!!!!!!!! much love to the tcc family !!!!!!

  • Hey there. I sent a emt and it was accepted Saturday the 4th and i still haven’t got a confirmation email back from you guys?
    Does it usually take this long?

  • Hi there, I work for a dispensary here in Barrie Ontario. We would like to start selling your products and want to know the best way to get started. Could you please email us at [email protected] with the details Thanks

  • Anyone from Toronto order regularly from TTC and if so how long do you usually wait for shipping from when you get tracking. I love TTC products dabbed it plenty there pricing is unbelievable so I want it to be my main supply thanks in advance for the response

  • Hi There. Trying to find an email address to send in my info. If you can get back to me that would be great, heard some great things about your products.

  • Hey just curious with canada post having issues next month is Thier another courier you can use? Or do you plan to use another courier ?

  • Made an order, not sure how to pay. the invoice says email money transfer but I’m uncertain as to what email to send to and how to ensure it’s applied to my order.

  • Are you guys still shipping east no problem? Usually takes a week to get order so I want to make sure before I submit

  • Good site! I truly love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a great day!

  • Hi i placed an order yesterday and Canada post is going on strike do you have an alternate shipper?

  • CP management had taken their opportunity to issue a 72-hour lockout notice that they decided to not follow-through with today because the post office is still running today (Friday 7/7). Speaking with a worker they said they expect they may still be locked-out Monday. Apparently there are currently no talks scheduled. The management is happy to hold all customers, MMA/PRs included hostage to strong-arm the union. Is there a plan B for shipping in-case of a lockout, which seems imminent? THANKS!

  • Hey my order 3761 just came. I did not get my cherry syrup. I got everything else. Just not the 6 bottles I ordered. Can you get back to me and let me know what next step is.

  • Messed account up while uploading mmpr info during checkout
    It says ‘The file 20160701_201837.jpg has been included in the current order. Your order is now being processed.’
    And i cant complete any order i try to place now.

  • Hey there. no one has replied to my previous comment. Just need acknowldgement that you are looking into it.

  • Just had an idea You guys should show lab results love your products but than us customers can see thc,cbd and cbn percentages

  • I was able to make an account without giving my mmpr number so I am wondering why that is. I sent an email but haven’t received a response.

  • I received an email on Monday saying you will have a tracking number for me by the afternoon and that my order was processed for shipping that day. I haven’t received a tracking number yet and was wondering the status of my order.


  • Thank you TTC for adding flower to your product line, now you guys are my one stop and shop online. Your products and pricing are the best out there, I have ordered many times and my deliveries to Ontario have always been early. Shatterboo has really stepped up the hustle, great new packaging too

  • I’m a little concerned that there is no way to contact Thompson Caribou that I can see other than to leave a comment in a forum like this. No customer support email or phone number that I can see. This is the first warning sign that you often see — warning you that this is a company NOT to do business with. What gives with that? You want me to pay you money yet I have no idea how to contact you other than this web site and if ‘this’ disappears tomorrow I have no way to find you.

  • Hello TCC. My order #4340… and I am not asking you when it will arrive… or how long does it take… and such…

    We live in a society where we want/expect everything right now.

    I am a patient patient. I don’t mind the wait.

    Thank you TCC.

  • yup that would be great if they did that so you dont hit the new order as hard as the one you just finished and its way stronger!!!

  • TCC is killing it 10/10. My order of platnium og and mk ultra/bubba were very terpey. Having access to this quality of medication at this cost is life changing! Make those LP’s chring. Orders are received in 2 days or 3 at most.

  • I received half my product one week. I notified you guys by emailing [email protected].
    I just want to thank you for quickly responding to my problem and rectifying the issue. Thomson’s has the best medicine and always my go to guys.

  • Hi someone just told me about y’all I would like to place an order I do have a card through a company called Tweed bit they do not sell butter or shatter can you help me I’m hurting

  • Hey I was wondering if orders are making it out now with Canada post being the way it is. My order last week was refunded and I would like to place a new order but I want know it will get shipped and not put on hold if I place it. Also i really appreciate how well you guys handle fixing up order mix ups. It has happened to me twice and both time I got my product or money back in a timely fashion, Thanks for that TCC you guys are the bomb!

  • Just placed my first order. I have been using TCC meds for months now but my dispensary was closed 2 weeks ago and the meds are getting real low. I’m so looking forward to getting my meds delivered direct from TCC.
    Thanks to all the guys & gals at TCC for improving our quality of life.

  • Hey there just wondering how long it takes for orders to be processed i placed my order and sent my money but my order is still on hold. Thanks for your help! Ive tried your products and your budder helps with gut pain from my Crohns, thanks so much for all you guys do!

  • john.mcdonnell.the3rd

    I just signed up and am looking forward to ordering. I love your prices, it’s as close to real affordable patient pricing as I’ve seen outside the LP system. Now I just have to countdown to noon on Tuesday, 7 min 56 sec and counting, 55, 54…..

  • hello I am from Alberta, do you ship to Alberta? and what is the price on regular shipping?
    another question: both my husband and I, we have the prescription but it’s in another dispensary and we don’t have the copy, we were not given one. What can we do to sign up with you?

  • Congrats on placing in Karma! Just curious as to when your shatter/budder will be available to order in 7 gram increments again? Thanks!

  • Can anyone tell me the difference between the original clear (full spectrum) distilate and the more expensive clear distilate?

  • I have an expired MMAR, but I renewed it recently. Can I still order if it is recently expired? Like within a couple of day?

  • We are just waiting on final lab results. The More expensive version has been further distilled to provide higher THC concentration.

  • This is already VERY compassionate pricing.. Some of the best I have seen aswell, so no need to take it overboard.. Goodluck finding these prices anywhere, let alone these prices with this AAAA+ quality. 800$ per zip is a very very compassionate price. Also admin is the mmpr, well new name now but is that the only thing you guys will accept? I had a card at another place as sadly it is very very hard to find a Dr in Saskatchewan 😔 (NOT the same Justin as below in comments.)

  • Merry xmas Shtterboo Team! Really appreciate your awesome product and reasonable prices! Looking forward to trying new strains in 2017.

  • Hello I was wondering about carrying your product. We’re not quite open yet, but have some older customers asking if we can carry your product. Thanks hope to hear back soon.

  • Hell the site ask for PDFs files or another type , I have tried numerous ways of typing to send you guys my license as well as photo I’d . I use apple products I have pictures of the documentation . But unable to send so you guys can read . Please help me out

  • Can you tell me if my 2014 mmpr paper work will work as i have my grow licence and have not renewed it as we are going through the courts

  • Please note: Thompson Caribou does require medical prescription to order, supporting documentation must be received before an order can be processed.
    All documents must be valid and currently up to date.

  • ordered on the 20th received today on the 23rd, definitely some of the most dank shatter i’ve ever smoked. for absolute game changing prices!! will be back for more!

  • Do I need to have an MMAR or would a letter from my doc be enough? I am a member of a local dispensary but am always looking for a new way to medicate.

  • Hey guys I emailed you cash last night for my order but it wasn’t accepted I really need by Tuesday can you adress this please thanks a lot keep doin what u guys do

  • Hi Logan thanks for checking in with us. We did check on your order and First possible shipping day is Monday the 15th(today). Your order has been approved and will be processed and shipped today.

  • Unfortunately the information on Reddit is incorrect and not posted by any affiliate of TCC.

    Currently we Require Prescription/Dispensary Membership information in order to fill orders.

  • Hi Alan, All orders received with payment processed will be shipped. Our last day for shipping is the 20th of December. Please make sure all orders are completed & paid in full before the 20th to ensure orders are received in time!

  • When viewing your cart the option for Free Shipping will be available on orders over $375.00. Please make sure you are selecting the Free Shipping option vs. Flat Rate shipping to save on shipping.

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