Karma Cup Weekend

We are happy to announce we are bringing home a total of 7 cups from The Karma Cup 2016.  We would like to thank everyone involved in organizing the event & all the participants.

Sarah Sunday & Tracy Curley HUGE Thank You for organizing and making this event a success.

Thanks to all the Judges for participating, this wouldn’t have been possible without you.  As well as all the attendees at Cannabis Culture on Thursday, Much love and Respect to Craig Ex aka The Expert of Joints! for his live broadcast to kick off this amazing weekend.

Thanks to our Squad for holding it down in full Team Shatterboo style.  Hope everyone got a chance to enjoy a tasty hot chocolate at the syrup bar or the Karma Cup.  Coming Soon to a Syurp Bar near you!


There will be a small delay in the update for our new Flavors for this week, we hope to have everything in stock by 1pm PST on October 24th, Monday.  Thanks for your understanding for this delay.


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