Grand Daddy Purple


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2ml per bottle
Bonus dropper lid included

Instructions for Use:

Terpenes must be diluted prior to use for flavor and effect (1-5% by total volume – Ex: 1 drop per gram). Terpenes are oil soluble and mix well with plan extracts, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and more.

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Once again we have taken steps to increase the quality of our products at Thompson Caribou. We have now teamed up with a terpene laboratory that will bring a new level of quality to our products. This lab was constructed using state of the art equipment and produces terpenes that are like no other on the market. These new profiles are easily passed as cannabis dererived because theyre bang on molecular structure is absolutely near impossible to tell apart. Still using the same all natural plant dererived terps but now they are dialed in strength wise to make them much more enjoyable. We have managed to bring these to the market at a price unmatched as per the Thompson MO.

Strain Highlights

Introduced in 2003 by Ken Estes, Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) is a famous indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This California staple inherits a complex grape and berry aroma from its Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud passes on its oversized, compact bud structure. GDP flowers bloom in shades of deep purple, a contrastive backdrop for its snow-like dusting of white crystal resin.

Its potent psychoactive effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. While your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, your body is more likely to find itself fixed in one spot for the duration of GDP’s effects. Like most heavy indica varieties, Granddaddy Purple is typically pulled off the shelf to treat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. GDP blesses growers with massive commercial yields which are ready for harvest following a 60 day flowering time indoors.


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    I just received my very first terps today, Grandady Purple & I’m blown away! I am a low – mid temp guy who loves flavour & now I’ve found the answer to my wants & desires: TERPS. To say “a little goes a long ways” is an understatement as I added as little as possible with the dropper TCC now includes & it was put into about .75g some great budder, just lousy taste…and even just a part of a drop of terps changed the flavour almost a bit too much so I added bit more budder & it’s simply incredible. I don’t know if I’m more medicated however, I absolutely am enjoying the dabs waaaaay more, and for modest amount of money as this little bottle cost & how long it’s going to last at least (I figure half z or more of concentrates), I’m beyond satisfied. I will be adding terps to every single order going forward as I simply never knew what they could do. Thanks for another great, compassionately priced product TCC!

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